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Contact me and I will help with with any of the information listed below:

Where do I buy my cables?

Here are suggestions that I have always made to my customers, if you need help
with a selection, contact me, that is what I am here for, to help you

Whether, you need a USB, a sound cable, a power cable, a 6" power cable (for your powerbar), RJ45 (Ethernet Cable), Camera cable, or Cell Phone cables here are some links where I purchase me, as I do not sell anything to my customers, only service

You can pretty much purchase anything you want,with most likely free two day shipping


If you have Amazon Prime

Company has been around for decades QVS - Connectivity Specialist

Where do I recommend my customers to go to purchase computers

I found you get the best warranty and if there are any problems the best return policy

I work with customers and help them pick their Computers and Printers. The site I recommend:

HP (Hewlett Packard)

If you are familiar with dell then, yet I am not crazy about Dell


There is several times of year, where these computer sites have super sales.

Windows PC only offers Windows 10, which can be difficult to learn for a senior. I would recommend a ChromeBook (all it is a a browser that allows you to go online, allows you to go to your email. The disadvantage of of ChromeBook is that you cannot load any programs, you have to use the Chrome Cloud programs, chromebook requires wifi, but their are some offline applications. There are some Chromebooks with mobile data. But still ChromeBook is not for everyone.